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l.u.c.a.-i semi del futuro 2lp (edizioni mondo)

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l.u.c.a.: i semi del futuro

L.U.C.A. is Francesco De Bellis aka Francisco. Years ago he started putting together some selections for a friend of his: Luca. The intention was to pick songs to be played during car rides, and like any other kind of ritual, this too would come with strict rules. You'd have to go throw the whole selection of 100 tracks without skipping, because every single one was important: Be it the sounds, the arrangement or its creativity, each track was there for a very specific reason. It quickly became a monthly event which for several years evolved in a deep musical research without genre boundaries: disco and psychedelic, soundtracks, library music, exotica, electronic and dance music, Italo, new-wave, pop or prog. Tracks of each and any historical period and provenance had been featured in these special compilations. But it wasn't always that easy to come up with the right piece and eventually Francesco started producing a few on his own to fill in the gaps. After six tracks, it was quite clear that there was a project developing, one in which he could finally experiment freely, leaving behind the rules that often come with dance tracks. And so L.U.C.A. was born. I Semi Del Futuro is an album that embraces a new-hippie vibe, strongly pervaded by a mystical naturalism. This is a whole new universe in the making, where rumbling magmatic atmospheres evolve gradually in a journey through an idealist new world, celestial interludes revealing a full takeover of nature, with a pervasive library feel that dates back to the great Italian masters, carrying on Edizioni Mondo's legacy. The label name Mondo has its roots in "Mondo Movies", an Italian movie genre born in the '60s. Mondo movies are characterized by documentary-like content that addresses several topics from around the world. The Mondo label has the goal to produce music that is descriptive of concepts, images and environments. Mondo is inspired by library music, a genre frequently used as theme or background music in radio, film and television in that very same period.

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