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lucy & rrose-the lotus eaters 12 (stroboscopic artefacts)

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lucy & rrose: the lotus eaters

Lucy and Rrose team up as a production duo for The Lotus Eaters. "Chloroform" is anything but anesthetic: at high volumes, its monstrous low-end surge and prickly, scintillating sonic ephemera bring attention to imperceptible phenomena. "Peeling" develops its own cascade of sensory impressions from deep-bass loops, injections of surface noise, and pitch-shifted/harmonizer-effected phantom phrases. "Stained Glass" is a potent distortion of the mundane, primed with shivering bell tones, tamed feedback and hints of speaker cones fraying. "Foil Gardens" is an elegant study in harmonics whose time-dissolving ability nods to the works of Charlemagne Palestine or Eliane Radigue.

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