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lucy-churches schools & guns cd (stroboscopic artefacts)

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lucy: churches schools & guns

Churches Schools and Guns -- a provocative name for a provocative techno album from one of the genre's most consistently intriguing producers, Lucy. This, his second solo album, pushes forward from his debut full-length, 2011's Wordplay for Working Bees, and firmly establishes him in a league of his own. Over the past few years, Lucy's label, Stroboscopic Artefacts, has became a watchword for techno's vanguard -- providing a platform for new artists pushing at the genre's boundaries and a harbor for some of the most experimental work from names you already recognize. Lucy's progress as a producer has followed that same trajectory, moving from relatively straightforward dancefloor-driven material to deeper, murkier places. Churches Schools and Guns continues on, a collection of 12 tracks that sound, more than anything else, like the act of searching.

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