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luke hess-adventures in deep space 12 (echocord colour)

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luke hess: adventures in deep space

Adventures in Deep Space is a reflection of the wonder and complexity of recognizing that we as humans are creatures with a limited capacity stranded on a planet somewhere in the universe searching for meaning and purpose while also recognizing that what we do every moment can shape the outcome of our future on earth and might ultimately become small and meaningful stitching's that could shape the fabric of our future in space. Pillars of creation represents the beauty of the stars on a clear night and the inspiring feeling that staring at the galaxy gives: how grand the universe is, how amazing it is that we have the ability to love, think, and reason, how small our problems really are in the grand scheme of reality, the idea that there may be a purpose much greater than ourselves, and that somehow we could be a part of this grand purpose. Gravitational Effects is about the parallel between the physical properties of science and creation and how we are also all physically and mentally attracted to certain people. The music speaks to the deep connection that is possible between humans and how we should all respect each other to form a more loving, peaceful, strong, and lasting community. Crate Digging on Planet Omnom is about a dream and a hope... Traveling through the universe in a nice space cruiser with your niks - stopping by planet Omnom (aka Gary's place) for some dope new records, a hike in the alien mountains, a dip in some hot springs, and then topping the trip off with some space dancing around a neon green campfire.

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