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luna monk-sun kiss 10 (silver lake)

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luna monk: sun kiss

London’s Luna Monk steps up to bat for Silver Lake and delivers two cuts of beatless, otherworldly ambience spanning a total of just over 26 irresistible minutes. An EP of two sides; of sunshine and rain, this is an exploration of light and dark, and all the areas in between. On the A side ‘Sun Kiss’ breathes and pulsates like a sunrise in slow motion; solar flares slowing burning away the morning mist of a melancholy dawn. A product of London, over its evolving duration it nonetheless bares more than a passing nod to the land of the rising sun. Over on the B, ‘Sun Setting Blues’ changes tact and provides the perfect juxtaposition. This is submersive and aquatic, fractured static noise broadcast to the never ending universe whilst rain streaks down the outside of the window. Eventually celestial voices break through the abyss and drag us back from the void. Truly immersive work; without doubt salvaged from the bottom of a distant alien ocean...

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