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lunz-lunz3 lp (grönland)

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lunz: lunz3

rsd 2019. For Ohio-based Tim Story, American neo-classical composer and expert in synth-assisted exploration, the Lunz collaborative project is a lifelong dream. His partner in the sublime is Hans-Joachim Roedelius, the man behind Brian Eno's favorites Cluster and a musical maverick whom Story has longed to work with ever since he first heard the cerebral, eerie, proto-Aphex strains of Germany's Cluster in the '70s when all around him was hairy, lairy rock n' roll. "Rock n' roll was king and I was getting restless," explains Story. "Discovering this new German electronic music was a blast of fresh air to the handful of us who managed to find it. As a friend of mine put it, Cluster's music was like 'some heavenly music except the primary instrument appears to be a coffee percolator.' What I was, and still am drawn to, is that Roedelius has the most intuitive approach to music of anyone I've ever met. Whether he's playing a translucent piano improv, or experimenting with the most jagged, dense electronics, there's this undeniable humanity and uniqueness to his work." The two first met when Story, traveling Europe to plug his first solo albums in 1983 and still obsessed by his hero, "made a point to swing through Austria to meet him." Story ended up staying with Roedelius for a week, camping in the beautiful, forested area that would eventually give them their collaborative name. Since that first meeting, the two have remained close, exploring a kindred spirit for composing "emotionally ambiguous" soundscapes and for wine, something that delayed them actually working together until 1996: "Whenever we got together," says Story, "we were always having too much fun to actually start!" They finally got to it when Roedeluis and Cluster made their American touring debut in 1996. First to come from this musical partnership was the hallucinatory musique concrète of The Persistence of Memory (2000), followed by acclaimed 2003 album Lunz (2002), followed by 2008 album Inlandish (2008). Now, 11 years later, they finally recorded a new album together.

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