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lurka-powers ep (make your own meaning)

Price: $15.99


lurka: powers

If your new EP has already been getting dropped by top dogs like Upsammy, Batu, Call Super, Ben Ufo and Bruce, you know it's a winner. And that's exactly what Lurka's first release on his brand new Make Your On Meaning label is - four tracks of red hot and brilliantly weird minimal. 'Powers' is razor-sharp hi-hats cutting up a scintillatingly smooth and militant tech house groove. 'Re Speak' has jumbled percussion and more wonky rhythms while 'String' layers up toms, tin pot hits, clattering sound effects and an undulating liquid baseline into something super seductive. The closer 'Mystick Crystal' is the busiest of the lot with its densely layered sound fx and samples underpinned by minimal funk.

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