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lurka/bruce-timedance remixes 12 (timedance)

Price: $13.99


lurka/bruce: timedance remixes

For Timedance's ninth release, some of its favorite artists remix tracks from the back catalog. Opening with a Stenny remix of Lurka's "Beater". The Illian Tape producer warps the drums from the original into his trademark cavernous rhythms, while dread-filled drones circle in the background. Asusu takes Bruce's "I'm Alright Mate" and twists the sounds into a techno trip, it's as subtle as it is banging, with impressive definition and depth. For the final remix, Bruce's "Post Rave Wrestle" is flipped by Mosca into a low-slung, spooky groover, utilizing wild feedback loops alongside distant haunting shouts.

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