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lv-sebenza 2lp (hyperdub)

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lv: sebenza

The album shares a palette of sounds, but each track stretches those sources into different tem-plates, each custom built with the MC's flow and topic in mind, slowed down and sped up where needed. The three MC's styles differ from each other dramatically. Okmalumkoolkat shifts schizophrenically through different characters; he's an Afro-futurist tech nerd on 'Zulu Compurar', a wired gangster on 'International Pansula', and on 'Spitting Cobra', a shape shifting bad man. Ruffest mix shout outs to the thugs on 'Hustla', boast their uniqueness on 'Nothing Like Us' , bring the party on 'Thatha' and get love sick on 'Uthando Lwakho'. On 'Limb' Spoek Mathambo's rhymes dissolve into the rhythm like a holographic James Brown, while 'Work' answers Okmalumkoolkat's 'Sebenza' with instructional cheerleading over clicking beats. 'Sebenza' is a joyful listen, refreshing in its disregard for musical and verbal cliché. It brings to attention a handful of the awesome talent of South Africa's young generation of MCs over the finest productions of South London.

LV " Sebenza Album Sampler " HYPERDUB 03.09.12

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