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ma spaventi-the jungle/insanity 10 (m>o>s)

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ma spaventi: the jungle/insanity

ltd repress. "Insanity" is a mad melange of fizzing electronics, ticking cowbells and swirling atmospheres all pinned to a chugging, deep house beat. Raw drum fills and squelchy, modulated synth sounds take you to a place as intense you could imagine. On the flip, Spaventi's lo-fi aesthetic gets even more fucked up as he delves deep into the recess of house music with "The Jungle." Crunchy hits, echoing hi-hats and a tightly-coiled melody all race along next to each other with a slapping drum combination.

Ma Spaventi - The Jungle / Insanity [Mos Deep 014]

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