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machinedrum-room(s) extended 2cd (planet mu)

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machinedrum: room(s) extended

Since its release last summer, Machinedrum’s Room(s) has garnered the sort of critical reaction worthy of an album that changes the way its listeners perceive the current musical climate. The influence of juke, footwork and classic jungle on Travis Stewart’s immaculately produced, vitally propulsive grooves has pushed the tempo of the scene to the fertile space between 150 and 160 BPM. With rhythmic innovation, effortlessly melodic pop hooks and a great album flow, Room(s) has all the markings of a landmark album. Room(s) Extended features a bonus CD with three brilliant unreleased tracks from the album’s recording sessions and the three B-sides from the Sacred Frequency EP, plus “TMPL” which was available as a bonus download on iTunes. In addition to all this are five great remixes from Falty DL, Chrissy Murderbot, Lasersword’s Lando Kal and Chicago’s finest footwork producer Traxman.

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