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madteo-strumpetocracy 12 (nuearth kitchen)

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madteo: strumpetocracy

On the Strumpetocracy EP, Madteo constructs a distinctive sound-world that throws a very strange light on dance music. "Laissez-Faire Couture" instantly transports you to bizarre realms with midtempo funky beats haloed in swirling, celestial synth drones and angelic female swoons contrasting with strident Roland 303 twangs and unsettling, growling bass frequencies. "We Doubt (You Can Make It)" threads a male vocalist over a broken tech-house rhythm. DJ Sotofett's "Radio Mix" of "We Doubt" adds an urgent blaxploitation-flick bass line and Dresvn offers a chilled dub version.

Madteo - Strumpetocracy

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