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main-ablation cd (editions mego)

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main: ablation

There has been a recent surge in activity from Robert Hampson, with all manner of solo recordings and performances popping up. It's only logical that he reactivates his beloved Main project. As we all know, Main laid the foundations during the 1990s for much of the love of abstract guitar treatments in electronic music throughout the 2000s. Hampson has teamed up with Stephan Mathieu to create a stunning new album. On Ablation, Mathieu adds extra tonal color and an obscure rhythmic palette to Hampson's exacting treatments and detailed use of layered concrète sounds to create an emotionally-charged and fascinating work. Old fans of Main will not be disappointed, and neither will new followers of experimental audio. Packaged with images by Grebo Gray with layout by Dave Coppenhall, and expertly mastered and cut by Rashad Becker, Ablation is a highlight for the spring 2013 season. Robert Hampson (analogue electronics, concrète sounds, guitar, piano-treatments) and Stephan Mathieu (Farfisa VIP 233, e-bowed phonoharp, radio, percussion-treatment).

Main - Ablation - I (editions mego)

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