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marcello giordani-respect yourself cd (endless flight)

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marcello giordani: respect yourself

Endless Flight presents the debut album from Italian producer, DJ, and devoted record collector Marcello Giordani, featuring some older and some brand-new material. His premiere in the DJ booth was 1992, when he started to play house records in the clubs nearby his hometown parma. Later he held a residency at a party called "Les Folies de Pigalle" -- hailed as one of the best house nights in Italy around the mid-'90s. In 1994 he started to produce, but it took him 'til the middle of the last decade when his career embarked as a notorious record producer that skips between deep house, cosmic disco, and Italo. His tracks have been released on labels such as Dirt Crew's Players Paradise, Boogiefarm, Slow Motion Disco, Mule Musiq, and his own imprint Italo Deviance Records. In addition to his own productions, he has also gained international applause for super-sharp edits -- solo and as part of the duo Marvin & Guy. As if that weren't enough Marcello Giordani runs his own blog -- a place in the infinite web space where he uploads thousands of long-forgotton curiosities out of the mostly Italian obscure disco, cosmic, and funk universe, as well as posts about his latest contemporary dance music favs. Beside blogging and making music in his small studio that is filled with analog vintage synths, he collects records like crazy. His collection contains more then 12,000 vinyls from disco, funk, boogie, and Italo to soul, cosmic, house, and jazz. As a forerunner of things to come, he released his first-class disco house EP Comin' Down on Endless Flight. This debut album swings between disco, boogie, and deep house -- 10 tracks full of charming samples, melodies to die for, and soft but demanding bass lines. There is a gentle '80s feel to many of them that sounds like a romantic future flashback. Sometimes his house gets moody and percussions fly around magic female vocal loops. His acid is soft, his chords are soul-stirring, piano melodies drift around, and at times, strings spread the emotion. If you ask Marcello Giordani if there is any icon with whom he would like to spend a night partying with he answers, "Ron Hardy." A good place to celebrate this special night would be the legendary club Muzic Box in Chicago, where Hardy developed house music.

#9 | Comin' Down

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