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margaret dygas-s/t 2lp (perlon)

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With a sound born in New York, ripened in London and refined in Berlin, Margaret Dygas is an artist whose sound possesses a true international resonance. Born and raised in Poland, at age 11 Margaret and her family moved to Germany, before finally relocating to San Jose, California. Surrounded by old school hip-hop as a teenager, her discovery of house music came in the early '90s, following a move to New York in order to study fashion at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. Captivated by the British dance scene, Margaret moved to London in the summer of 1999. Becoming a regular fixture on London's electronic music scene, Margaret went on to play clubs that included Fabric, The End and Herbal, holding a residency at AKA for Underline's label night. It was following her move to Berlin that Margaret started producing and writing her own music. After her debut release, Day After (for Jay Haze's label Contexterrior), Margaret followed with the See You Around EP, released in 2008 on Non Standard Productions and the Invisible Circles 12" for Perlon (2009). 2010 marked the release of Margaret's first full-length album How Do You Do (PSCD 001CD). Released on Japan's Power Shovel Audio, the album was inspired by the book Peoplewatching, a guide to body language by British zoologist Desmond Morris. Miss Dygas goes next level for Perlon with six songs in 46 minutes.

Track Listing: 01. Missing You Less 02. Soon 03. Pressed For Time 04. Country Way Of Life 05. 41 06. Ocbinh's Groove

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