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marissa nadler-the sister lp (box of cedar)

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marissa nadler: the sister

Boston-based Marissa Nadler has announced the release of "The Sister", a collection of 8 new tracks subtly linked to last year's self-titled critically acclaimed LP. "Heartbreak is a great muse, but it can wear you down," she admits, referring to the stormy relationships that haunted many of the heavenly hooks on her most recent works. "For 'The Sister', I realized I had muses all around me, whether it was childhood, betrayal, friendships, new love, nature, or hope. The narrator's stronger in my songs now, and more able to bounce back if they choose to." On "The Sister" she keeps her confessionals as intimate as possible explaining, "I wanted the starkness of every song to reflect the lyrical content. Some of my biggest influences are confessional songwriters. It's always been a very powerful thing to listen to Elliott Smith & Joni Mitchell, and feel so much from their stories." includes download

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