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mark ernestus presents jeri-jeri - gawlo 12 (ndagga)

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mark ernestus presents jeri-jeri: gawlo

'Gawlo' is a rolling, resplendent tribute to griot life. 'Gawlo' is Fula for 'griot.' Spear-headed by none other than Baaba Maal. Superbly expressive interjections by a trio of talking drums are especially lucid on the instrumental version. On the flip, 'Lignou Mome' is an exhilarating straight-no-chaser of galloping drums, bad-minded bass and layered guitar; before 'Ndeye Gueye' wraps up proceedings with a third instrumental, propelled by terse, hypnotic figures on guitar and marimba synth. With the drum-kit unattended, octogenarian legend Doudou Ndiaye Rose features on lead sabar

Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri: Gawlo

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