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mark feehan-mf ii lp (richie records)

Price: $17.99


mark feehan: mf ii

Mark Feehan is a guitarist. In the '80s he bummed Floridian punks in Broken Talent. In the '90s he strangled strings and blew minds in Harry Pussy. Currently he is in post-no wave noiseniks Taiwan Housing Project. These are mentioned merely as biographical material, as these things -- hell, even Feehan's lone solo album (2012's MF on Siltbreeze) -- gives you zero preparation for the sounds lurking inside MF II. This album has moments of surprising acoustic beauty bookended with perplexing electronic sound pools, with buzzing, almost-punk, Germanic vocal narration. It is safe to say this is the weirdest thing ever to appear on this Richie Records. For those who welcome befuddlement and bemusement -- hop on board!

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