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mark fell & gabor lazar-the neurobiologyof moral decision making 2lp (death of rave)

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mark fell & gabor lazar: the neurobiology of moral decision making

Mark Fell (SND/Sensate Focus) and Gábor Lázár's scintillating and innovative debut collaboration marks The Death of Rave's tenth release, following 2015 editions by The Automatics Group and N.M.O. The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making explores a radical re-calibration of conventional meter and tone in modern electronic music, probing specific aspects of Max/MSP software with the potential to acutely challenge our perception of time and space. It's a maximalist, future-shocking play of tension-and-resolution created from minimalist elements, featuring Lázár's calligraphic, torso-morphing chromo-notes punctuated by Fell's signature Linn drum cracks at ostensibly obtuse, yet deeply funked-up junctures across ten tracks in 50 minutes. They range from precision-tooled two-minute scrambles to swaggering showpieces, culminating in what has become a meme for Mark Fell albums with the uncannily emotive closing statement -- a 12-minute masterstroke consolidating all the album's ideas in one breathless, beguiling arrangement. If music can be considered a catalyst for social change, what are the implications of this mutant record? Considered in terms of the dancefloor, it mirrors the muscle-memory re-programming impact of OG hardcore and jungle or Chicago footwork -- think of scattered bodies attempting to synch with new, accelerated and "irregular" rhythms -- offering a freedom of expression and interpretation that's typically scarce in most gridlocked musics. Likewise, the inversion of melodic convention in favor of warped, dynamic contours and visceral, psychoacoustic timbre offers a sharpened grammar of emotional expression and sensation that doesn't wilt to ordinary sentiment. Yorkshire-based Mark Fell is among the world's leading sound artists and sonic thinkers. Owner of an illustrious and influential catalog of releases spanning early works in the SND duo thru to solo work under his own name and Sensate Focus, and collaboration with DJ Sprinkles, Errorsmith, and Sandro Mussida. Gábor Lázár hails from Budapest, Hungary. In 2014 he presented his debut album, I.L.S., via Lorenzo Senni's Presto!?, followed by EP16 for The Death Of Rave. He has previously shared a split tape release with Russell Haswell, presented work at Karlsruhe's ZKM, and undertaken a residency at Stockholm's EMS. Recorded in Budapest, May 2014. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton.

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