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mark fosson-digging in the dust: home recordings 1976 lp (tompkins square)

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mark fosson: digging in the dust home recordings 1976

Kentucky native Mark Fosson recorded one album for John Fahey's Takoma Records in 1976 which went unreleased until 2006. Mark recently found the home demo for that session. Here's what he has to say about them: 'These 11 tracks are the songs I began writing after acquiring my first 12-string guitar. I recorded them in my living room on a Pioneer RT 1050 2-track reel-to-reel with a rented microphone (I believe it was an AK6414 but I won't swear to it). All are originals except for 'Back In The Saddle Again' which resulted from my other obsession at the time of watching old black & white Gene Autry movies any chance I could... Most of these songs would appear later in slightly altered form on The Lost Takoma Sessions, but these original versions are my personal favorites. I can't believe the tapes have survived so long and still sound as clean as the day I recorded them.'

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