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marquis hawkes-social housing 3lp (houndstooth)

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marquis hawkes: social housing

Despite an aversion to the spotlight, Marquis Hawkes is one of the fastest-rising names in house music. A string of 12″s for labels such as Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Clone and Aus preceded a trio of exceptional EPs for Houndstooth, which won him swathes of new fans, from the DJ booth and the radio studio to, of course, the dancefloor. Now he presents his long-awaited debut album Social Housing. Including a devastating new song with legendary vocalist Jocelyn Brown and contributions from regular collaborator Timothy Blake, the album encompasses the full spectrum of house music, from deep grooves to disco cut-ups, soulful keyboard jams to jacking drum-machine workouts. With several high-profile DJs already singing its praises, Social Housing is set to be the soundtrack for the summer.

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