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martin schulte-slow beauty cd (lantern)

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martin schulte: slow beauty

Martin Schulte is a young techno producer from Russia. “Slow Beauty” is his 5th album which he recalls these tracks were inspired by photography that each tracks are like picture slide show that moves slowly onto another. He even dedicates this album to all photographer’s worldwide, and in fact, the photography used all over this album are taken by himself. While the tracks hereunder are full of technical and dubby rhythms like his prevoius albums, they are highly atmospheric and soothing than ever, giving us the impression of his maturity as an artist.

track listing: 01 Spring Aroma 02 Restoration 03 Horizon 04 Mental 05 Rotation 06 24 Hours 07 Floating 08 Aquarell 09 Resistance 10 Lights

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