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martin schulte-treasure cd (lantern)

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martin schulte: treasure

Your Russian techno producer Martin Schulte returns with a new 75 mininute album. The album is entitled Treasure and is meant to help one find those teasured moments in one's life, which is something very simple yet hard to find if you're not focused. He says this way of thinking made him find treasure in Ambient music. As with previous albums there's deep bass and beats along with comfortable melodies and textures. You will also notice Martin's developing skills. No wonder Techno great Rod Modell says his new album is one of his favorites.

01. frosty morning 02. dancing robot 03. diving 04. when stars fall 05. walk 06. same days 07. dancing shadows 08. flight 09. september forest 10. quiet street 11. ritual 12. city night

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