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martinou-the sheltered planet ep (turbo)

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martinou: the sheltered planet

Martinou lands on Turbo for the very first time, as the Swedish producer connects with Tiga's Montreal-based label following years of mutual admiration. His melancholic sound, dripping in masterfully balanced tones, continues to impact both heady at-home listeners and season club dancers. A pair of albums on Rotterdam's Nous'Klaer Audio have both been on constant rotation throughout the Turbo community, thus adding to the widespread excitement for Martinou's debut on the imprint. The Sheltered Planet is a four-track record at the cross-section of Martinou's bespoke sound and Turbo's historic techno influence. The aptly titled opener "Getting Into It" elevates senses through an exploitative and rising soundscape, flowing right into the beat-driven house cut "I Told You We'd Make It"; crisp drum programming opens way to soaring melodics, with a deeply analog feel to the A2 groover. On the flip, Martinou effortlessly glides through another movement-laden melody, as "Exhilaration" turns the dial ever-so-slightly towards the Swede's take on a peak-time selection ? "The Offering." Rounded yet punchy synth lines ebb and flow from the distance, oozing into the groove by the time the break lifts brings us to the EP's crescendo; a masterful dance track for the finest of dance parties.

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