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masahiko satoh & soundbreakers-amalgamation lp (phoenix)

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Reissue of this legendary album from 1970 featuring Hiro Yanagida, Kimio Mizutani, Mototeru Takagi. Number seven on the Japrocksampler Top 50. Divine excessive jazz-rock stylings by this batch of period-visionaries presumably recorded sometime in 1970 by Rudy Van Gelder and Creed Taylor at the Toshiba Records 1st Studio. All of that "real" psychedelic goo gets smeared about quite a bit; acoustic string flap AND electric gonzo-muff battle overdriven organ lines played by said Masahiko and his band of western pickups (Louis Haynes on drums, Jochen Staudt on bass). Furious jamming is meshed with some fine sub-George Russell 3rd-stream string/brass writhing and found-sound tape-spatter (machine guns, war-speak). Housed in a gatefold sleeve; on 180 gram vinyl.

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