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mass-labour of love lp (desire)

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mass: labour of love

ltd restock of this post punk classic. After Rema-Rema split, Gary Asquith, Mick Allen, and Mark Cox formed arty UK post-punk outfit Mass with Danny Briottet. The quartet debuted in 1980 with the single You and I/Cabbage, following it up a year later with their sole album, Labour of Love. The group subsequently split into two halves: Asquith and Briottet formed Renegade Soundwave, while Allen and Cox remained with 4AD for their new project, The Wolfgang Press. Desire is extremely proud to release this long-deleted album. Fully licensed from 4AD, it's the first time in 30 years these recordings are available on vinyl. Labour of Love is a classic post-punk album with bitter and dark tones that still sounds modern 30 years later. Limited edition of 500 copies only, pressed on black vinyl.

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