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matias aguayo-the visitor cd (comeme)

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matias aguayo: the visitor

the third full length from matias aguayo on his own comeme imprint. mixed & co-produced by deadbeat & feat. guest app from alejandro paz, daniel maloso, ana helder, & others in the comeme fold.

read more: To those of you unfamiliar with Matias Aguayo, he remains a core Kompakt recording artist and one of today's most ambitious music makers and collaborators. Be it from his early days as half of the now-legendary techno act Closer Musik, to singing for Battles on their recent hit "Ice Cream," Aguayo makes Cómeme his platform to work with fellow musicians from around the world and continues to push all notions away of what dictates trend in order to create his own. Matias returns with his third solo full-length, The Visitor -- recorded over the course of five years in various places around the world including Buenos Aires, Ciudad de México, Vitry-Sur-Seine, Rionegro (Antioquia, Colombia), Sternhagen Gut, and his studio -- The District Union in Berlin. As with his previous albums, Matias Aguayo unveils a perplexing and unexpected offering. Rather than appealing to a specific genre, he considers rhythm as a core influence in The Visitor and delivers what could be his most purposeful music to date. A collaborative process plays a dominant role on this album, articulating Aguayo's attentiveness to the community that surrounds him. Mixed and co-produced by Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat upon first hearing The Visitor, long-time fans of his music will be immediately aware how the songs sound natural and immense. The secret is not just in the mix but due to the fact that there are numerous musicians and vocalists performing on each track. By utilizing so many layers of analog and acoustic instrumentation, The Visitor as a whole provokes a distinct listening experience that contrasts the ease of digital processing techniques and the styles of most modern dance music out there today. Guest artists include: Juliana Gattas (Miranda!) and Aérea Negrot (Hercules & Love Affair), Luis Miguel "Cucharita" Jaramillo, Philipp Gorbachev, Alejandro Paz, Ana Helder, Julia Bande, Julia Kasprzak, Amelia Bande, Rodrigo Olavarría, and Daniel Maloso.

Matias Aguayo - Levantate Diegors

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