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matrixxman-sector iii: polyphony ep (dekmantel)

Price: $15.99


matrixxman: sector iii polyphony

Dekmantel regular Matrixxman returns with the third, and final instalment in the Sector series, Part III: Polyphony. "Initiation" resonates with the grandiosity, and harsh claustrophobia of early Underground Resistance. "Access Granted" drives hard with pulsing effects, with a dystopic, rhythmic cacophony of euphony. "Desert Planet" plays around with a differing tempo, imagining a more fantastical vision of music, echoing back to earlier Plastikman productions, using a vast sonic spectrum to conjure up a color palette of alien imagery. "Horizon" rounds things off; a track that builds on minimalism with a progressive composition, allowing the polyphonics to drive the track.

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