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mauro picotto & riccardo ferri-the riff 12 (cocoon)

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mauro  picotto & riccardo ferri: the riff

The message of Mauro Picotto's and Ricardo Ferri's release The Riff is clear: cool but lush house beats with the right amount of techno added, merging with hypnotic synths and monster bass lines that force you to dance, dance and dance. Get crazy, get lost, forget where you are, shake your head, and feel the vibe. Sure, Mauro Picotto is a master of all things hedonistic techno, however, this gem is one of his best productions, ever. Their second track "EMP" proves this even more, as it is another masterpiece of techno-madness. Their last tune "Don't Wake Him" shows the deeper side of Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri. Almost relaxed, but still highly floor-oriented, this one is loaded with emotions, featuring vocal samples and string sounds

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