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max loderbauer & jacek sienkiewicz-end cd (recognition)

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max loderbauer & jacek sienkiewicz: end

Cosmos of sound phenomena is devoid of a distinct beginning and end, fluid and polymorphous. Stream of sound is continuous, no matter whether and which volatile events are registered, and which ones are omitted. It is a complex state which transgresses borders defined by source, signal, and mechanism of perception. Pastoral/tropical soundscapes and post-brutalist compositions by Max Loderbauer and Jacek Sienkiewicz from End seem to evoke those situations where you can actually hear objects, shapes, and time flow itself, a sort of synesthesia which erases and obliterates beginnings and ends of events, processes, and phenomena. Apocalyptic and contemplative spaces generated by this pair of seasoned sound creators explode genre bastions of ambient and IDM, leading into the spectral areas once explored by such pioneers and Popol Vuh or Ilhan Mimaroglu. Above all etheric and extra-sensitive, End marks the meeting of two incurable individualists, who use various tools of their trade to come up with a surprisingly atemporal effect, an insistent pulse of detail on an ever-morphing background. Without vivid commentary and recognizable soundbites of the present, End is simultaneously an interesting projection of hopes and anxieties of the new age. The core of tracks included on the record were produced on the occasion of Max and Jacek appearing as a live duo during 2015's Berlin Atonal festival, which resulted in well received Alpine-Tara-Himalayan EP Ridges. Remaining compositions are natural conclusion of their friendship, conversations, meetings, trips, and recording sessions that operate according to the rule of free improvisation with a reduced instrumental setup. "West Ridge" and "East Ridge" appeared on Ridges.

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