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max richter-sleep remixes lp (deutsche grammophon)

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max richter: sleep remixes

German-only vinyl LP. Following the worldwide success of Max Richter's groundbreaking eight-hour work SLEEP (2015), his "personal lullaby for a frenetic world," and the one-hour extract from SLEEP, Richter presents an LP of remixes of the project. The legendary Scottish post-rock band Mogwai transforms Richter's dreamy "Path 5" into a darkly throbbing track, with a snare drum complemented by haunting guitar soundscapes and arpeggiated synthesizer. English electronic musician Clark (Warp Records) also remixes "Path 5," and constructs a sequence of three different, highly insistent musical scenes that send the listener on a heady trip; in Clark's words, "by Danny Elfman on Popol Vuh to Slint, merged in a planet of music." Andy Dobson (Digitonal) is known for largely improvised live performances of classically influenced electronica; he showcases his innovative, melodic sound with his "Theo in Dreamland Mix" of "Path 5." Seattle-based electronic musician and composer Norm Chambers returns to his Jürgen Müller alias following 2011's Science of the Sea for a dreamy, minimal rearrangement of "Dream 3," using an extensive selection of analog synthesizers and drum machines to create a scene of unearthly beauty. Manchester-based trio Marconi Union have been releasing albums of pristine ambient electronic music since the mid-2000s, and are regarded as pioneers of the genre alongside artists like Helios and Jon Hopkins. Here, they recall the work of Brian Eno with a hypnotic ambient remix of "Dream 13."

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