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merzbow-muen lp (sores)

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merzbow: muen

“Muen” is based on the concepts of “muen”, “kugai” and “raku” all referring to tactical “freedoms” or “liberties” within the structures of medieval Japan. A reflection on concepts that have been lost since the seventeenth century, according to historian Yoshihiko Amino. While “Muen” echoes of the seminal early 90s Merzbow, playing on the relationship between metal noise and instrumental oscillations, it differs in interaction between the two. Where the pure noise used to dominate, the instrumentation has taken over, making the whole soundscape oscillate and vibrate. Each side is one long piece unfolding, an ocean of tones and frequencies, a catharsis of sound, dynamics and power. “Muen” is a vitally sonic experience from a true master and innovator of electronic music for followers both new and old. “Muen” is limited to 375 copies

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