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mfo-future city traffic part 2 12 (dekmantel)

Price: $13.99


mfo: future city traffic part 2

Part 2 of 2 from MFO on the Dekmantel label. Italian duo Rio Padice and Massimo Di Lena, together known as Mephisto Frequency Oscillator (MFO) now serve up part two of the Future City Traffic EP. Across four new tracks they continue to explore grainy, dirty house that is variously soulful, funky or cosmic in nature. "Motor" is the funkiest of all the cuts, with well-defined drums keeping a fine disco groove locked down. "Oman Jazz" pairs malfunctioning percussion and out of control synths. "Design the Future" is another meaty track, and "Arctic Lodge" features a heavyweight kick drum, paranoid synth sounds and jumbled percussion.

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