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michael andrews-donnie darko lp (death waltz)

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michael andrews: donnie darko

Limited edition  "Released in conjunction with Everloving Records. Re-mastered for especially for this exclusive vinyl release, the score is pulsing, hypnotic and captures the dark and moody nature of the film perfectly, this release also features the million selling single 'Mad World' by Gary Jules. Exclusive cover art by Tom French a fine artist who has shown his work in Philadelphia and London. Liner notes by director Richard Kelly and Artist Tom French. This limited edition comes with an exclusive A2 poster of the cover art by Tom French. Exclusively re-mastered for vinyl by Ron McMaster at Capitol Mastering." Contains the same music content as the Everloving label issue in the U.S., but this version has artwork by Tom French (diff to EV version) and an exclusive A2 poster by French as well.

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