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michel vogel-ronde matutinalea amillis/berenice lp (planam)

Price: $28.99


Planam proudly presents the second LP by the artist and sound sculptor Michel Vogel. Born in 1941 in Strasbourg, France, Michel Vogel's artistic activities started in 1960 when, as a painter under the materic influences of Antoni Tapies and Jean Dubuffet, his mineral and sound experimentations built a universe influenced by free jazz, extra-European music and Olivier Messiaen. His research developed with new sculptures and the creation of his own resonating metal instruments. His friends of the minimalist group, and especially the Fluxus artists, supported and pushed him to carry on his acoustic explorations while his sonic creations got closer to the music of John Cage, Philip Corner, Morton Feldman and Giacinto Scelsi. After the deep cosmo night music of Une petite music de nuit (Vogel's first LP) Planam decided to issue two more early-morning oriented realizations, or 'Ronde mattinale à Amillis' and 'Berenice.' These alfa-wave improvisations for 'prepared' gongs and self-built metal instruments, selected in direct collaboration with the artist, will make you enter into luminous sonic dimensions. Edition limited to 270 copies with full colour space cover and inner sleeve.

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