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midland-fabriclive 94 cd (fabric)

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midland: fabriclive 94

Midland provides the 94th instalment of the world's leading dubstep, drum & bass, and electro mix series from London's renowned Fabric nightclub. Midland's rise from avid fan to headlining Room One at Fabric may seem unreal but is actually a testament to an unequivocal vision and simple hard work. Working in kitchens to buy DJ equipment, graveyard radio slots, and relentless gigs during university years gradually gave way to a break with Dillinja's Valve Sound System show in the early 2000s. FabricLive 94 captures a night out, from the moments of adjusting to new surroundings, then to clarity and euphoria, and closing with ambient moments at sunrise. Midland compiled and hosted a show of the respected Radio 1 Essential mix in 2016. To date, he has collaborated with Ramadanman, Pariah, and Bicep on a number of releases. Midland owns and runs two imprints, Graded and Regraded, and recently signing a Gerd Janson and Shan two-tracker to the ReGraded label. FabricLive 94 is Midland's ode to the many facets of club culture. Features: Georgia, Even Tuell, Jaures, Juju & Jordash, Daphni, Tres Demented, Leif, Roman Flügel, Farah, Beatrice Dillon, Samo DJ & Pedrodollar, Mannequin Lung, Mr. Hazeltine, Divine Styler, Sugai Ken, LFO, Kowton,General Ludd, Ben Buitendijk, Santos Rodriguez, Slobban, Sankt Göran, Shinichi Atobe, Vito Ricci, Jesper Dahlbäck & Mark O'Sullivan, and Midland. Packaged in bespoke slipcase containing die-embossed tin.

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