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mike gervais-surrounded 12 (system)

Price: $10.99


mike gervais: surrounded

System boss Mike Gervais is back at it, and he's bringing a crew of talented conspirators to surround you on four sides with an original cut and three distinctly different interpretations. Surrounded drops in with a thumping kick following a relentlessly rolling synth through taut drum programming, sizzling ride cymbals, and crisp claps to build tension on the dance floor. Annie Hall takes the suspense of the original deep underground, for a subterranean journey through throbbing bass, corroded synths and filthy atmospherics, straight to the nucleus of the netherworld. Jesse Jakob pumps up the kick for a jacking reinterpretation laden with warehouse synths and a barrage of claps for big rooms. Project 313 slips into a shadowy maze of smoke and mirrors to bend their remix into a lithe and rubbery low­down groove, perfect for heating things up early or when it's time to stay long and get weird.

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