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mind over mirrors-check your swing lp (hands in the dark)

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mind over mirrors-check your swing

Utilizing an Indian pedal harmonium, oscillators, tape delays, and an assortment of synthesizing processors, Fennelly bends slowly- building, repetitive melodies into massive sonic mountains, that fits somewhere between a droned-out American Primitive, and early- Kosmische aural territory, and as 20jazzfunkgreats eulogized, sounds "like some drum-less-techno titan stalking the sand blasted bazaars of a near-future, eastern city." The summer of 2011 saw the release of both Mind Over Mirrors debut vinyl LP The Voice Rolling (Digitalis Recordings) and cassette follow-up High & Upon (Gift Tapes), reissued on vinyl a year later (Aguirre Records). January 2012 brought forth another set of companion releases comprising of the EP-length cassette Small Portion (Digitalis), and the 7" single Near Your Dwelling(Dirty Knobby Records). This 13th November will mark a new, noteworthy addition to the exquisite Mind Over Mirrors discography: Check Your Swing. This third full-lenth album features 7 tracks charting an intense, elating journey into both visceral and transcendental realms. This new LP - Hands in the Dark Records 13th release - is also Fennelly's first release on our label. includes download

MIND OVER MIRRORS - Check Your Swing

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