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minny pops-drastic measures, drastic movement 2cd (factory benelux)

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minny pops: drastic measures, drastic movement

Factory Benelux presents a new deluxe 2xCD edition of Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement, the first studio album by Dutch electronic group Minny Pops, originally released in September 1979. Formed in Amsterdam in 1978 by vocalist Wally Van Middendorp, Minny Pops took their name from the primitive Korg drum machine which propelled their austere, post-punk rhythms and provocative live performances. An early association with Factory Records in Manchester saw the band work with producer Martin Hannett, share stages with Joy Division and New Order, and become the first Dutch band to record a BBC radio session for John Peel. Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement is their first album, originally issued on Dutch label Plurex in September 1979. An uncompromising genre classic, the 13 track album mixes hard-edged electronica with modernist noise, and shares much in common with contemporaries Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide, The Normal and early Human League. As well as an early version of Factory single Dolphins Spurt, DMDM features junk food satire MD Mania and a cover of R.U.21 by American punk band Novak. The 9 bonus tracks on disc 1 include all 3 cuts from the debut Minny Pops EP Kojak, and a 2003 remix of Dolphins Spurt. In addition there are 12 minutes of vintage audio-visual clips of 5 songs performed at the Amsterdam Filmacademie in 1979, playable on your PC in QuickTime format. This new remastered edition of Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement on Factory Benelux also adds a bonus disc with an entire live performance of the album (12 tracks), recorded at Dansmakers, Amsterdam on 11 March 2012 during their 30th anniversary tour, with Wally Van Middendorp joined by Pieter Mulder, Dennis Duchhart, Thomas Myrmel, Bart de Vrees, Jeroen Kimman and Wilbert Bulsink

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