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miss sunshine-trapped 12 (vent)

Price: $10.99


miss sunshine: trapped

vent loves raw and unpretentious techno. The second love dose comes from no other than Miss Sunshine, who has distilled her intimate knowledge of techno dance floors worldwide for us into two driving tracks - one of which is remixed by Zadig. In this instalment, Miss Sunshine plays with the dichotomy between the feelings of entrapment and revelation, and does so in the language that VENT prefers to communicate with: no-nonsense, stripped down techno. "Trapped" is filled to the brim, curled tightly into position ready to burst with kinetic energy. Like a compressed spring, it waits to be released and yield to its essence, free of containment. "Revealed" on the other hand is an amalgamation between relaxedness and vital energy, as its cool pads contrast with the tireless percussive rhythm. To reveal does not mean that it shows, it means that it lets one see. Zadig's remix takes "Trapped" to another place, high and deep at the same time, where he binds the listener to the state that only techno can bring to mind and body. Some call it Detroit, some call it transdimensional beingness.

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