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modeselektor-trees/50 trees 12 (50 weapons)

Price: $13.99


modeselektor: trees/50 trees

Who better than label founders Modeselektor to hammer the last nail into 50Weapons' coffin? Their first solo 12" since 2012 sums up 50Weapons -- on one hand abstract, dubbed out, and experimental; on the other hand banging and bass-heavy, without any regard for so-called trends. Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman joins Bronsert and Szary to imbue dub-techno slow-burner "Trees" with the spirit of Jah. "50 Trees" is an ambient/dub-leaning excursion, but don't think of it as non-dancefloor material -- in the hands of skilled DJs this can be just as much a weapon as its beat-driven counterpart.

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