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moggi aka piero umiliani-omaggio ad einstein deluxe edition lp (dagored)

Price: $25.99


moggi aka piero umiliani: omaggio ad einstein deluxe edition

Omaggio ad Einstein has a special place among the many albums of electronic music composed by Piero Umiliani. In this homage to the German physicist, Umiliani subverts the rules of space and time in music and creates an album with 23 compositions, all of them less than two minutes long, instead of following the traditional 7-10 tracks usually present in an LP. This is an original and experimental album, with a peculiar and epic catchiness, tied to Piero Umiliani's masterful use of synthesizers and great experience in the field of soundtracks. The themes of Omaggio ad Einstein take us to sidereal spaces, wandering across the universe with their clear sounds and wonderfully creative titles ("The Celestial Vault," "Nuclear Valkyries," "Galactic Abyss"...). This is the first reissue of this album, which was originally released in 1976 by Umiliani's Omicron label. Deluxe LP edition pressed on yellow vinyl and presented in custom "big hole" jacket; limited to 500 copies.

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