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moltar-eclypse inside cs (unifactor)

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moltar: eclypse inside

Native West Virginian Jake Johnson has been making visual and sonic art under the Moltar moniker since 2008. After undergoing rapid evolution over the past decade from tape experimentation to generative midi compositions, extended techniques in FM synthesis, and sampling, 2017 marks the release of Johnson’s most polished and heavy hitting record “Eclypse Inside” on Cleveland’s Unifactor Tapes. While past releases explore the intimacy of sonic perception, “Eclypse” unleashes volleys of old school jungle and rave tracks that demand movement and extroversion. These recordings possess a universal, uplifting quality unique to Johnson and represent the perfect foil to the resurgence in popularity of dour techno and EBM production in the 21st century. “Eclypse Inside” solidly taps into the original spirit of early sampling music which carried the underground into a golden age of positivity and consciousness expansion.

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