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monoloc-try 12 (clr)

Price: $13.99


monoloc: try

CLR is back with an exciting EP by Monoloc. For more than a decade, Monoloc has been honing his skills in the studio and has at all times been a faithful ambassador for the complete abolition of genre-boundaries. His imaginative beat and sound-programming, as well as the ability to create dynamic and sometimes surprising arrangements, are qualities he shares with the Swedish duo Skudge who took on the duty to remix this outstanding track. Their unique remix does not only express their well-known, tasteful approach, but also their unpredictability and stylistic independence. The EP also includes a brand-new version by the man himself. While the mind-bending sound of his debut album Drift works for all kinds of occasions, the "Monoloc Edit" of "Try" almost demands to be played out loud on massive club speakers. But even in his more dancefloor-oriented productions, there is always a comforting warmth about Monoloc's sound.

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