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monoshock-walk to the fire 2lp (s.s. records)

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monoshock: walk to the fire

S.S. Records is proud to announce the reissue of Monoshock's Walk to the Fire double album. Long considered a classic by music freaks and much sought after by modern psych nodes, the remastered reissue of Monoshock's monster has been anticipated for quite some time...and now it is here. The S.S. Records reissue of Walk to the Fire has been lifted from the original tapes by Monoshock's Scott Derr, digitally remastered by Josh Stevenson, and mastered to vinyl by John Golden. The result is a much better sounding record than the original pressing. Gone are a couple layers of mud, replaced by shimmering guitar, heaviness, and a nice warm sound -- well as warm as a tank rolling through your living room. The cover art is as the original, but the reissue includes an insert with liner notes and photos.

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