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mount kimbie-carbonated cd (hotflush)

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After releasing their debut album Crooks & Lovers in 2010 to huge critical acclaim and racking up numerous end of year lists including the shortlist for The Guardian's (UK) First Album Award, plus sell-out tours in North America, Australia and Europe, London duo Mount Kimbie announce the news of their next EP, Carbonated. This EP follows the release of the Blind Night Errand EP and will be the final release from the album. "Carbonated," the lead track on the EP, is joined by two previously-unreleased tracks, the buoyant effervescence of "Flux" and "Bave's Chords., which showcase the lush, elegant percussive sound Mount Kimbie have become known for. "Bave's Chords" was recorded around their early EP Maybes and "Flux" was created during the album recordings. Airhead, who's shortly releasing his own album on Brainmath and is a member of James Blake's live band, subtly twists "Carbonated" with his remix, while Belgian producer & DJ Peter Van Hoesen creates a six-minute dark techno rework for the dancefloor. "Adriatic," also from Crooks & Lovers, is transformed completely by Klaus with his style of detailed production hitting the mark once more. Crooks & Lovers defined.

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