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move d & benjamin brunn-songs from the beehive 2lp (smallville)

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move d & benjamin brunn: songs from the beehive

ltd repress. David Moufang aka Move D and Benjamin Brunn present their collaborative full-length, Songs From The Beehive. This is more than just another chapter in deepness and soul, it is an overwhelming experience that flows deeply and rises to the top. Appreciated by fans such as Ricardo Villalobos, Jus-Ed, Efdemin, DJ Koze, Jackmate and Smallville label chiefs Julius Steinhoff and Lawrence. Ambient clusters, warm grooves, and a mentally deep sound melt together and open a portal to another world of deepness. Besides a wide range of references -- deep Detroit house, dub, classical minimal music and even jazz and disco -- Songs From The Beehive is the very essence of these two uncompromising and unconventional artists. Working out a track could start with a loop of Brunn's Nord Modular or a Moog bass line from David Moufang, based on a sweet scape or just a clear sample. It is the warmth, deepness, the fluffy grooves and the sounds that make you feel as if you are diving into a sea of ambience and rhythm. Songs From The Beehive makes the collective dream come true -- to be shared by deep and open-minded people.

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