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mr k-trans europe express edits 7 (most excellent unlimited)

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mr k: trans europe express edits

Seminal Electronica, Hip Hop building block, birth of Techno—"Trans Euro Express" has been correctly described as all these things. For the latest in Most Excellent Unlimited’s series of Danny Krivit-curated 45s (celebrating Mr. K's 45 years as a DJ exemplar), Kraftwerk's classic gets the extended edit treatment. Focusing on the iconic metal-on-metal rhythm track (never before available on 7-inch), Krivit provides two takes for maximum flexibility. Side A (Mr. K 7” Beats) is strictly minimal, with each cavernous scrape and clanging echo magnified as it drops into the mix. The flip side allows more of the singular keyboard melody to leak over the Spartan beat, teasing the tense synth pattern out in a suitably dramatic build-up. As usual, expect the high quality mastering and pressing Most Excellent Unlimited has come to represent. You'll probably even want 2 copies of this one.

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