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musi-o-tunya - give love to your children cd (now-again)

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musi-o-tunya - give love to your children

Funk, psych-rock, and fuzz-guitar-lead Afrobeat from Zambia's groundbreaking band. Contains a 64-page booklet with extensive liner notes, an exclusive interview with drummer Brian Chengala and guitarists Rikki Ilionga and Wayne Barnes, photos and ephemera. Finally! The legendary Zamrock band's second album and two rare 7" tracks. Give Love to Your Children follows Now-Again's first foray into the zamrock genre, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Rikki Ililonga and Musi-O-Tuyna's Dark Sunrise, which compiled Musi-O-Tunya's Pathe East Africa 7" singles, their first album Wings of Africa and Ililonga's first two solo albums, released under his own name: Zambia and Sunshine Love. Dark Sunrise hadn't even entered production when we became aware of Musi-O-Tunya's post-Ililonga trajectory, and its uniqueness in the zamrock landscape. It is the corollary to Ililonga's mature solo offerings: Give Love to Your Children is teeming with energy and tension, hazily affected by copious drug use, and recorded quickly, before its members parted ways for good. And now, it's often sad story can be told, and it's incredible music can be heard, thanks to the participation of Ililonga, Chengala and Barnes, who color the creation and release of Give Love to Your Children in an extensive set of liner notes and interviews included in the album's booklet. Give Love to Your Children is a marvelous, thrilling, charging beast of a thing that has to be stared at in the face so as to be understood. This album's grooves hold the last, sustained shouts from one of the first -- and greatest -- zamrock ensembles: Musi-O-Tunya exploded at the height of the zamrock movement with this burst of fuzz guitar, chunky basslines, funk and Zambian folk rhythms, choral chants and compelling lead vocals. They never recorded together again.

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