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myr-diamondbacks make wonderful pets 2lp+cd (pnn)

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myr: diamondbacks make wonderful pets

The PNN label's most enigmatic artist, myr., presents his full-length debut, Diamondbacks Make Wonderful Pets. The album's nine tracks represent an exciting evolution in myr.'s trajectory as an artist, following his 2015 debut EP, Nobody Knows Avalon. myr. seems to have dug deep and discovered another level to his sound. Each of the tracks on the record is confidently offbeat and precisely composed. "A Little-Bitty Bowl (with B.Hotton)" mixes thunder sound-effects with glitchy synth bleeps, layering them above darker tones that build to a perfect storm in the middle. myr.'s ability to carry off strange hybrids is what makes his music unique. From the ghostly warbles of "I Think I Hear Them Coming" to the sunnier sounds of "Eleanor," myr.'s disregard for the norm has led to an exceptional album that surprises at every turn. includes cd copy of album.

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